Behind the Mean Scene

April 26, 2019

Hola Bitcholas,

People always ask what it's like to actually work on the show. We're asked a lot. Well, not so much what it's "like", but what is the off-the-air interaction like. Fair question.

Below is small sample of some of the things spoken today in the office before the show:

"Cheeba MacEntyre"...a strain of weed we would like to develop.

"Sad dapping"...the piss-poor dap between Robin and myself before each show. We don't WANT to sad-dap, we just suck at it. It's a height related thing we're working on.

"ARE YOU EATING BOLOGNA?!?"...I wasn't. I was eating a meatball sub (foot long on white, if you care).  

"It would take two people to 69 a horse because of the size difference." Honest discussion after reading an unsettling news story SURE to come up next week.

"He's a SPECIAL kind of f**k-stick!"

"How many farts can we play in succession?' "Doesn't matter, it's just one long giraffe fart."

"There's a turd on the floor in the men's bathroom. How do you miss the f**king toilet?"  

(Different conversation): "Somebody pooped backwards in the big stall!"/ "That was me."

That pretty sums up the average day here. True.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Until Monday, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!


And don't wait to lock in your Pain in the Grass tickets!