Behold, My Infamous Dairy Air!

June 1, 2018

Hola Bitcholas,

I've had a sh*t week. No particular reason why, just one of those weeks that you wish wasn't one of those weeks.  

At one point I decide to go outside and smoke myself a delicious, cancery cigarette. The idea was that I'd get a quick 5 minutes to clear my head. Lo-and-behold, the moment I step outside I hear, "THRILL!!!!!"  I recognize who it is and I know how this is gonna go.

With this particular guy, you just need to know that he doesn't have what they like to call "an indoor voice". He speaks at full throat all the time.  No big deal because I know this about this guy and while he's a little crazy, he's a very good guy.

Just keep in mind that we're talking in front of an office building in downtown, so there are plenty of people around. Most of them keep throwing glances our was because, if you didn't understand the situation, it appears that there's a loud, crazy guy berating me. Again, I'm used to it with this guy, so no big deal.

At the conclusion of the conversation, this guy yells/ says, "and man, God bless you!  God bless you and your flatulence!"  Then he was gone.

I don't normally get uncomfortable, but there really is something about someone screaming about your relentless farts to the public at large. It was a strange and awkward moment.  

All of that said, it was actually a pretty good moment.

OK, join us at Redfestival and WEAR RED!  

Until Monday, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!