Blood Boiling Over

August 31, 2017


OK. lemme just say this, just because the word "challenge" is added to the end of something doesn't make it a good idea. The "Ice Bucket Challenge"...remember that? I know, I KNOW, it ended up being a very successful campaign in the fight against ALS and brought us closer to a cure. I do know that, but why do charitable organizations have this fascination with making you suffer when all you wanna do is help?!? Ice Bucket Challenges, all kinds of multi-mile "fun" runs, etc. Hell, if you wanna help the Fisher House, all we do is ask that you enjoy Men's Room Original Red. That's all you have to do. See, we don't hate you.

Anyway, there's a new 'challenge' out there, and this one has nothing to do with charity. It's called the "boiling water" challenge and all it entails is that you dump BOILING water on an unsuspecting person. How did that become a thing? Some people blame YouTube, but seeing a bad idea on YouTube doesn't always give the idea legs. Adding 'challenge' however, seems to be the key.


I just don't understand, and now, reading about a bunch of little kids getting 'challenged' just makes my blood, well, boil.  

That's all I've got. Need to get back to shaking my head slowly.

Until tomorrow, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!