Hola, Naked Ladies!

September 7, 2017

Hola Bitcholas,

Funny thing about 'hola bitcholas'. It's a very stupid thing to say, but after 15 of saying it, we kinda forgot that it is, in fact, a stupid thing to say. Anyway, we were inspired to use the term after watching an episode of South Park. Cartmen decided that his hand was Jennifer Lopez and he greeted everyone with "hola, bitchola".   True story.

Years later I visited Mazatlan, Mexico for a week.  As true drunk, I made friends with MANY bartenders...and am still friends to this day. Ah, so once these guys got wind of what I do for a living (well, they didn't 'get wind' of my job, they asked me what I do for a living) they were fascinated. Understand (and I didn't know this) Mexico is not big on talk radio. Most of their stations are high energy with jocks screaming through the mics. Very upbeat sh*t, but not a lot of conversation, so they had many questions about what we actually say.

I explained that we greet everyone with "hola, bitchola" and after an awkward silence, I was asked if I knew what "hola bitchola" meant. I explained that. as far as we knew, it didn't mean sh*t. Sure, we knew 'hola' meant 'hello', but "obviously" 'bitchola' is just our Gringo way of calling someone a bitch. This proved to be untrue.

After my bartending amigos composed themselves after laughing, they explained that we had been greeting everyone with the equivalent of "Hello, naked ladies!"   Had no idea. Not the worst thing we could say, but had no idea.  

Then again, I also spent a week asking for "Marlboro Rosa" at the local mom & pop shop. I didn't know until my LAST day that I'd been asking for "Marlboro PINKS"!  'rosa' was the color I was looking for. On the bright side, it explained why the cashier was always so happy to see me.  

Live and learn.

I'm outta here.  

Until tomorrow, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!