How Weird is Your Pet?

August 15, 2018

Hola Bitcholas,

Southwest Airlines announced that they will soon have a new set of rules regarding what 'service animals' are and are NOT allowed on future flights. In a nutshell, if it's not a cat or a dog, keep it home.  

See, people claim "everything" as a service animal now; monkeys, taratulas, turkeys, ducks, KANGAROOS, miniature horses, turtles, hedgehogs, etc. All of those animals, by the way, were 'service' animals.   

With that in mind, we recognize that people own a lot of, um, odd, pets, so today we asked you to fill in the blank... "I know someone who once owned a pet  ___________".  

Things were a little stranger than we expected...including a man who owned a hyena. Of all the pets we heard about today, the hyena seemed like the worst idea. Maybe it's because the hyena attacked its "owner" in his sleep.  But, you know, that's what hyenas do.

Ah, but my personal epiphany today was that 'bird people', the ones with parakeets or Macaws, are the originators of the 'bring my pet everywhere' movement.  

These days I'm convinced that you could finagle your pet alpaca into open heart surgery if you really wanted to. People bring their pets everywhere...but this seems like a fairly recent phenomenon. The last 10 years maybe? However, I do recall being a small child and running into the occasional 'bird person'. They were the first and, for quite some time, the only people who brought their pet with them anywhere and everywhere.  

That's what I've got.

Until tomorrow, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!