I Do Declare, There's Something Wrong With Your Air!

August 22, 2018

Hola Bitcholas,

I can't stop farting. That's all I've got. Sure, you might think that I fart all day...and I do, sorta. It's more that "all day" there's a solid chance that I will fart, but today is different. Today has been like one looooooong fart that I cut off and revisit later.  

That said, in addition to farting in the studio, the office, the elevators and the occasional crop-dusting of the hallways, I do everything I can to hold them and drop them in the studio of a man we call VD.

VD is actually a good human being. This guy is a confidante of the show and an unparalleled professional...but I don't give a rat's pink ass. I can't help but fart in his office...as often as I can.

It's gotten to the point that I will fart in his studio when he's NOT there and close his office door just so he'll be hot-boxed when he returns.  

I'm really a terrible co-worker.  

I'm outta here.  Until tomorrow, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!