JalapeñO, It's NOT!

August 24, 2017


Today was Big Dummy day and let me get straight to it; we asked, "What is the Spanish term for a dish made of a heated flour tortilla stuffed with cheese?". The answer is 'quesadilla'. We could understand 'enchilada', 'burrito', whatever...but the answer we were given was 'jalapeno'. WTF?!? Yeah, it was kinda funny, but it was also horrifying because WTF?!? Who in the green f**k thinks you can create a vegetable?  

That's like believing that "clean coal" is coal that is washed after being mined. It's inexcusably stupid unless you're under the age of 10.  

The other memorable thing from today's show was our 'side question', where we asked "what is your preferred method of birth control"? Yeah, we're nosey.   Anyway, most of the usual answers came and went (no pun intended) but "pull and pray" was a popular answer too. Most of the callers who offered up this form of birth "control" ALSO had multiple kids. Guess their prayers weren't answered? Either way, we did the math based on our small sampling of callers and determined that the "pull and pray" method results in 1.5 children per person.  

Just sayin'.

Until tomorrow, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!