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December 4, 2017

Hola Bitcholas,

Say what you want about humanity...and there's plenty to say lately...but even among our endless quarrels and perceived slights, there's the occasional bright spot.  

I want to be clear, I'm not talking about any pious or charitable action, or anything heroic or noble, I'm talking about juvenile nonsense that makes you smile in spite of yourself.  

As an example, one of our Random Question Question questions today was 'where have you found or left a turd'? The caller to whom we posed the question didn't have an answer and hung up.  

We thought it was a reasonable question. Maybe you don't bring it up at the dinner table (maybe YOU don't) but we thought it was something that everyone has experienced. The caller left us doubting it.

Then we received this via texts:

"I've pooped on the driver's seat of a Vikings fan RV that I broke into. As well as inside a couch cushion cover at a party. Both intentionally."

"Saw one in an airplane toilet. I followed an old Indian woman(dot) that didn’t know how to lock the door or flush the toilet."

"I grew up in Orange County and there was a neighbor who had a truckload of watermelons and would not let my friends and I have one so...after all day drinking we took one, hollowed it out like a pumpkin ,ate the insides the filled it with our S, put the lid back on and returned it to his truck! Haha..."

"I’m a garbage man and I poop in the back with the trash daily."

"My best friend and I we had Cuban food and we really had to go and there was just one toilet. I used the toilet and my friend used the sink. It was horrible lol."

"I love doing upper deckers in restaurant bathrooms that give me horrible service."

"I was younger in junior high, a buddy of mine lived on a golf course. We sneak onto the golf course at night and s in the holes."

"Someone took an s on the floor in front of the toilet at work. Then stepped in it and tracked it out the door."

"Pooped into the mail slot on the front door of a tow truck company. Their door opened inward so I'm sure it was smeared when they walked in."

"Today at work, we got a call that someone pooped in the lobby. So when reviewing we see this guy walking in and without missing a beat he shawshanked the poop mid walk and just kept going."

"When me and my brother were kids, we dropped deuces in a river to see if they would float. We were in chest deep in the water when we dropped dueces and watched them float away."

"Someone left a duke on my uncle's windshield, wasn't me!"

"Pooped on a waffle and left it on my neighbors doorstep.​"

Maybe it's just me, but this kind of thing warms my heart.

That's what I'll leave you with. You're welcome.

Until tomorrow, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!