Mickey Must Be Mini

September 14, 2017

Hola Bitcholas,

Here's a simple truth about the members of this show; we are easily distracted. It's how it is. We've had the same boss for 12 and a half years and through those years we've been through a lot and things change...except his disdain for inability to focus on anything for very long. It has driven him nuts for a dozen years because it's something that hasn't changed. I believe his usual quote is, "you guys are like trying to herd f**king cats!!!"

I only bring this up because today was one of those days. We were playing "Big Dummy" and one of the questions was 'True or false; Walt Disney said that Mickey and Minnie Mouse are married?' TRUE.

Cue the distraction.

We're assuming that Minnie only married Mickey for his money. Nothing against Mickey, but based on his status, he's loaded. We think Minnie wants the cash. That wasn't the real distraction though. We also assumed that Goofy must have a huge penis because he has no particularly redeeming qualities...and yet, he has a girlfriend. We believe that Goofy has the biggest crank of all the Disney mainstays.

This morphed into a conversation about which fictional character probably has the biggest penis. The Hulk got a lot of love, Mr. Fantastic, the Jolly Green Giant, Super Man(although we all doubted that one), but my favorite was Falcor from "The Never Ending Story". The problem is, now I have the image of Falcor with a massive penis flying through the sky. Kinda taints the movie.  

Sadly, that's where my mind is.

Until tomorrow, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!