My Birds Beat Yours!

October 21, 2019

Hola Bitcholas,

Unlike a lot of my fellow Seattle-ites, woke up in a wonderful mood this morning. Make no mistake, I rarely wake up in a good mood, but today I woke up in a fine mood only because my beloved Baltimore Ravens came to Seattle and took out the Seahawks on their home turf.  

I wanna be clear, as a Ravens' fan, the 'Hawks influence me little (whole AFC picture versus NFC picture), so this victory isn't about gloating or any of that, it's that the 'Hawks are a good f**king team and almost impossible to beat at home. The Ravens did that.

I thought the game would be close and, absent two defensive plays from the Ravens, it was. So, 'Hawks fans, I think your team will be A-O-f**king-K.

In spite of my unwavering support of the Ravens, my son is born and raised here in Seattle, and he is a Seahawks fan...which I begrudgingly allow...and this was his first live NFL football game. Win or lose, the BEST PART OF the day was having that experience with him. Although it helped that the Ravens won, but still, to see him soak it in was really cool.

Craziest moment for him was the introduction of the 'Hawks before the game. Last guy they introduced was Bobby Wagner. The crowd lost it's collect 's' and my son was in Heaven.

That was my day. Unfortunately, after a bi-week, we've gotta play the Pats. Sons-a-bitches.


I'm outta here.


Until tomorrow, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!