Nature, You Crazy

August 9, 2019

Hola Bitcholas,

Get up this morning, sift through the news and was fascinated by a story out of Germany. In this case it involves a zoo where a lioness gave birth to a pair of cubs. It was 'big' news because the cubs were the first born at the zoo in 15 years. Pretty cool.

Then the good times ended when mama-lion ATE HER CUBS. Both of them. Zoo officials are at a loss to explain why it may have happened so I'm just gonna assume that she ate them because they're delicious.  

Then I see another story about a woman whose house was burgled. Any form of home invasion is a little freaky and leaves one feeling violated, but in this case, things coulda been worse. The only thing missing was...a plate of ribs from her fridge.  

All at once our 'Question of the Day, manifested: 'Who or what ate who or what?'  

What we learned today revolved mostly around chickens. Didn't see it coming, but there we were. I'll give you a quick synopsis of what we learned:

- Any and every other animal out there will eat a chicken, given the chace. This includes skunks, SQUIRRELS and...other chickens.​


We just didn't know. Now we do. 'Chicken Life''s some sh*t.

Until Monday, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!


While you're here, have a beer and make some good decisions. Your Redfestival tickets are waiting, after all AND we'd like nothing more than to get debaucherous with you next month.