Now, NOT Later

October 29, 2018

Hola Bitcholas.

Today was our Random Question Question.

As it worked out, we had a few questions about poop. Keep in mind, any question we ask are news-inspired and, well, poop has been in the news for various reasons.  

Anyway, we asked 3 questions about poop and the floodgates of excretory confession opened up...and we were the recipients. Here's a small sample of what we were inundated with:

  • 'I worked as a maintenance worker/janitor for a public park one morning I was emptying the female products bins and found a big stinky turd in one'
  • 'On my honeymoon in Kauai, we just got off the plane and we're driving to our hotel and we had to pull off the road where I had explosive diarrhea all over in the jungle'
  • 'Bathroom door was locked at the park I was at. So I pooped on the ground in front of it. Bubble guts. Had to. Had that again driving home. Tried to hold it but a little squirted out in my pants before I got home.' 
  • 'Like another caller, I've left one in a church parking lot at 1 in the morning. Also, left a few in a hole on the mountain while snowboarding'
  • 'I went to Red Robin and had severe diarrhea pulled the pants down and instantly sprayed. Nothing made the toilet all over the wall. I complained to management said I walked in and saw the mess and got my whole bill comped.'
  • 'I did not expect to find poop on the bottom of a dollar bill on the ground' 
  • 'I used to break into people's cars and if they didn't have stuff I like I would poop on their seat I feel bad for it now'
  • 'Where did I see poop where I shouldn't have my brother was taking too long in the bathroom wouldn't let me in to take a dump so I took a crap in a KFC bucket and put it in the fridge and left it there for him to find it'
  • 'I pooped in a church parking lot at 4am, emergency call'
  • 'My wife couldn't wait and blasted an elevator in a convention center in Portland'
  • 'Pooped off a cliff on the side of the road'
  • 'I had friend who got drunk AF and sprayed doo doo all up in a cat castle'
  • 'In middle school my friend pooped in his cat's litter box. The look on the cats face was priceless'


 And finally...

  • 'Dudes, what's up with all the poop talk'

It was that kind of day.

Until tomorrow, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!


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