One Man's Party is Another Man's Science

December 14, 2018

Hola Bitcholas,

The company Christmas party was last night and, frankly, looked like a massive success; lots of people, lots of smiles, lots of positive vibes, etc. My dumb ass had the party written into the calendar for NEXT week, so I was woefully unprepared.

Nevertheless, I partook in the festivities for a little over an hour before I needed to take my ass home (for some stunningly spicy sausage).  

Stroll into work today and I'm informed that Robin tied for first place in the baking competition, Mike Hawk was dancing with a bottle of tequila on the dance floor (he rolled into work about 10 minutes later with shades on...that stayed on his face all day) and our buddy VD won a $1000 party bus excursion!

The $1000 party bus excursion was THE prize everyone hoped to win, and our pal did. But our pal is our pal, and our pal is, sadly, dead inside and THAT is why he TRADED the $1000 PARTY BUS EXCURSION for two tickets to the Pacific Science Center.   

Look, the Pacific Science Center is, quite honestly, on-point... but it's not a f**king party bus. Just sayin'.

I'm outta here. Until Monday, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!