Overheard in the Orifice

December 15, 2017

Hola Bitcholas,

It's hard to explain the work environment here. Not the show itself...that is exactly what it sounds like. I'm talking about our collective office space. Everyone, except Mike Hawk, is gathered in one space.

Mike Hawk, by the way, spends his time in a studio doing his audio wizardry...or surfing porn. Who knows? Who are we to judge? Keep shucking it, Mike!

Anyway, pre show, everyone is hard at work on their respective responsibilities, not unlike many workplaces. And like other work places, it's fairly quiet, minus the chirping of keyboards and mouse clicks, like office crickets.  

On occasion, someone breaks the silence with a comment about whatever. Typical sh*t...except for the average things that are blurted out. It's not really to US, but Robin and I realized today that the way the offices are set up, (for FIVE stations!) other people can hear us. Again, we didn't give it much thought until Miles blurted out, "Look at this snow monkey f**king this deer!"

It was a video, and Miles is right....it was worth the look. But out of context, I think our coworkers are uncomfortable sometimes. Meh.

A little later,  Robin and I were discussing whether or not we'd grab a drink at a place called "Aunt Tammi's Suckle Shack". It's not even a place, but the name is gross we pondered how desperate we'd need to be to go there.  

This was a dumb conversation...and we recognize that...but it's one of those things that other people overhear and get uncomfortable. I like that.

So that's just kinda how that is.

Until Monday, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!