Pot Meet Kettle

June 7, 2019

Hola Bitcholas,

This is a question that all of us are often asked; '"So what do you do ​before the show...exactly."

First of all, adding 'exactly' to the end is just sh*tty. I mean, seriously, why? Why... exactly?  See what I'm saying? Sounds snarky.

Anyway, here's a small slice of what happens before any given show:

Miles opens each show with a rhyme. The rhyme encompasses everything we plan to present on that day's show.​ Well, yesterday's show incorporated a story about a woman who was busted with SEVEN syringes in her vagina. For the purposes of the rhyme, Miles was searching for a good euphemism for 'vagina'.

The FCC is ticky-tacky about what you can or cannot say regarding genitals. They're a bag-o-fun that way. So, we can call it a "mossy cottage" or, as Miles settled on yesterday, a "gravy boat". His first pick was "goo pod". Sadly, after much conversation with the appropriate muckety-mucks, "goo pot" was rejected.

This is the norm, of course; a 'par for the course' conversation. However, at this point we had to search our collective brain for an acceptable alternative.

'Stench trench', 'eel skinner' and 'willy washer' were all thrown out there, but none passed the sniff test. No pun intended. And that is when Miles settled on 'gravy boat'.  

Good or bad, that's part of what we do, exactly, before the show. Well, not exactly, but sometimes.


Have a wonderful weekend, bitches.

Until Monday. do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!


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