Pterodac-FULL of Too Much Information

January 24, 2018

Hola, Bitcholas!

I blogged about this yesterday; David Joyner the "tantric sex guru" (he's actually a prostitute) who was ALSO 'Barney the frickin' Dinosaur from 1991 to 2001. I won't through this dude's whole story again, but he's a prostitute.  He puts some 'new age' spin on his bullsh*t, but, essentially, he charges women $350 to have sex with him. 

Whatever. Great work if you can get it. Our thing was that somehow, for some reason, none of us were terribly shocked that a guy who played a children's mascot is now selling sexy time. I don't why we think that way, but we think that...and that led to today's topic: "It didn't shock me to find out _______ was into _________.

We expected to hear stuff about serial killers and child molesters and arsonists. Instead, we heard about sex.

We heard about the guy who had sex with vehicles. Namely, a Volkswagon Bug painted to mimic Herbie the love bug and a red Ford pickup truck.

6 months into his marriage, his wife broke out a strap-on...and uses it on him. He was cool about it.

One guy used to masturbate using two sponges and a rubber glove. Not sure how that works, but I have an idea.

Found out his roommate was into f**king teddy bears. He found out when he walked in on him f**king a teddy bear.

A guy in the NAVY was caught masturbating to 'nugget porn'. Nugget porn, by the way, involves amputees.

And pterodactyl porn. Before I even get into that, I just wanna point out that I spelled 'pterodactyl' right. Anyway, it involves people dressed as pterodactyls having sex with chicks. 

The more you know.

Until tomorrow, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!