Scratch the Itch Already!

August 23, 2017


I woke up this morning chuckling. That rarely happens, but today, I woke up chuckling. Why?  Well, my balls were itching. No, that is not funny. Not to me, anyway, but as I was experiencing the unrivaled pleasure that is scratching an itchy satchel, I was reminded of a caller on the show a few weeks ago. Why would scratching my itchy, itchy testicles remind me of a caller? Fewer questions are farer.

In this case, the caller's story was actually pretty traumatic. I don't remember the Question we asked or the entire series of events that made up his story, but know this; he was in some kind of severe accident. Broke a bunch of bones or something, but ended up in a COMA for months. Months, bitches. 

But one day, he did wake up. What woke him from a coma? His balls were itching. Seriously. They itched so bad that they woke him from A COMA!!! That, mi amigos, is some funny sh*t. 

The really bad part for our comatose friend was that while is jibblets itched to the point of breaking a coma, he ALSO woke up in a body cast...meaning he couldn't experience the sweet relief of scratching them. They itched for hours. I can't imagine how horrible that was. Sure, he was broken in various places and some organs had been damaged, but really, man, when your balls itch there is NOTHING more important than making them stop. And few things feel as good. If you're a guy, you know this be true.

B's; they bring you the most agony and the most relief. 

So, now you know why I chuckled this morning when I woke up.

You are welcome.

Until tomorrow, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!