SHOW #2299 JANUARY 11 2016

January 11, 2016

Hello... it's , me... I was wondering after all these years you'd like to meet... and read my blog?
Yea, I kinda quoted Adele, but understand that (1), I had to look up the lyrics, and (2) I'm trying to sound "current".   well, that last part isn't true, but the following is;
Boss asked me last year to get back on my Big Brown Blog train each and every day... which I said, Yea, of COURSE, boss"... and then spaced on it completely.   That's what happens when your head is full of nonsense.  My head... full of nonsense.  However, while that is a TRUE statement, it's not a good excuse.   The boss explained that part.  And he's right, of course, so consider this my apology for my, well, laziness.
So, know this much, The Men's Room has been busy... and in a good way!   I can't share it all that's going on, but it's all been good stuff.
Ah, so hello, bitches... let's do this!
Today was our Random Question Question, where we ask each a caller a different question.  However, today we decided to end the Random Question with the Inappropriate Question.   I love the Inappropriate Question.   Think we'll do this each week.
On that note, we came up with a new game, but like anything, we haven't really thought it out... so we tried it anyway. 
OK, I'll be back tomorrow... or killed by the boss... so I'll be back tomorrow... with a better blog!
Until tomorrow, keep the faith and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"