SHOW # 2301 JANUARY 13 2016

January 13, 2016
 Two Waffle House employees in Arkansas lost their jobs after they were recorded on video washing their hair in a pot of hot water in the restaurant's kitchen.  They may have gotten away with it, but one of the customers started gagging and coughing... pulling clumps of hair out of their mouth.   Yep.   Then there's a professional poker player in Vegas who was disqualified from a game after he was busted peeing in a bottle under the table.  These stories got us wondering:  WHAT COULD YOU NOT BELIEVE YOU SAW SOMEONE ELSE DO?
A guy throwing the majority of his ten bean burritos through a drive- thru window at the manager.  The problem?  He felt he was shorted on the "Fire Sauce"
(what happens to people at a drive thru?  Why do people always lose their minds at fastfood drive thrus?)
Worked at a liquor store... customer came in and took a sh*t on the floor in one of the aisles.  When they asked WHY he did that, the guy responded, "I had to take a sh*t and I didn't wanna poop myself!"
On his weekly pilgrimage to Panda Express, he walked by a guy doing triceps dips on cement blocks... naked
Saw a guy chugging from a Jack Daniels bottle... while driving
Saw someone chew forty different pieces of gum... that had PREVIOUSLY been chewed by ten different people on a dare.  That 'someone' was his own son
Saw someone taking a dump out the window of a moving car
And our very own Thee Ted Smith and a group of friends were in line at a fast food joint when one of the friends started trying to smell behind the ears of strangers
Let that one sink in.
OK bitches, I'm outta here.
Until tomorrow, lick it and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"