Thanks for Adulting with Gusto!

October 3, 2017

Hola Bitchola,

Yesterday's blog, in the wake of the Las Vegas shooting, was a tad bitter, but it was a call to have a reasonable discussion about something that happens with UNreasonably frequency. And I'm happy and proud that a lot of you heeded the call and a reasonable discussion was had. So, thank you for that. The best part is that all sides were represented but everyone chose to treat each other's comments with respect. It can be done...and you did it. And continue to do it.

This is still something that needs to happen on a NATIONAL level, but more importantly, it needs to happen with our legislators. Their unwillingness to address this is unacceptable. All they've offered are their "thoughts and prayers". No offense to these cowards, but priests and rabbis provide prayers...legislators are here to LEGISLATE. If they ARE religious (and I don't buy that) then maybe they should recognize that they've been given an actual job to exact change. They are in a position to actually help protect us...not from imaginary enemies, but from legitimate threats. I think this is a pivotal moment for them to earn our trust, prove their 'concern' for their constituents or confirm our worst suspicions...that they are indifferent.   

Time will tell.

Ah, but that said, I wanna thank you again for proving that we, the citizens, have the ability to 'adult'. It means a lot.   

I'm hoping that this is the last time I feel the need to even bring this up. It's ridiculous.

On a much lighter note, I've had bubble guts all damn day.

I'll leave you with that.

Until tomorrow, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!