Thanks for the Excitement, Hester!

December 14, 2017

So, this week Devin Hester announced his retirement from the National Football League and I will miss him. I can't sit here and tell you all the awesome accomplishments he has had since he never played a long time for a team I cheered for. I will say though, I always enjoyed his highlights. He was one of those guys that whoever he played for, it was fun to watch. I remember him most for the times he was in Chicago returning punts and kicks. I am not sure if specific special teams players even get in the NFL HOF, but he could get in. That is the thing about a guy like him, while not a huge presence on offense or defense, he was electric as a kick returner. He is the best returner of all time. When that guy would touch the ball, you knew you wanted to see the highlight or see him play in that game. He was so good at returning kicks that teams would absolutely would not kick too him. I can remember when he playeding, which was not long ago since he just retired, And when his hands touched the ball everyone stood up and was into it. 

I grew up watching football both college and pro...and kick and punk returners are nuts. Now, it is a fun position to be back there with all the pressure on you, but man it's crazy as well. First, let's start with the fact that you have to catch the ball off a kickoff or a punt. To most people, this will look a lot easier that it is. Keep in mind, as you are trying to catch his ball, there are dudes barreling down on you from over fifty yards away. The speed they are building up and the power?! They are going to blow someone up if they get to hit them.

After you have caught that ball and people are bearing down on you, you have to look up and run this ball back. Kick off returns are powerful and a game changer, but man I love a good punt return. It is just a dagger to the other team and a crushing blow. As a football fan, I just want to say thank you to the man and say the highlights were great and he made returns a must see for a lot of years. I really do think that he will get into the NFL hall of fame someday and, in my mind, it is well deserved.