The Greatest Story Never Told Mens Room Podcast

October 28, 2019

Hola, bitcholas!

As you know and understand, the beginning of the week is traditionally filled with 'suck' and a feeling that can only be compared to smelling ammonia dusted flowers. And what a bouquet it is!

That being said, we have a saving grace coming your way and we're very excited about it.

You see, we are fortunate enough to do this thing we love every day and find a supreme amount of joy in this show. But we're gluttons, you see. So it's just not enough to satisfy our appetite for this strange, strange thing we call a 'career'.

So, buckle up and prepare your ears for our majesty. (And we mean that in the kindest way possible.) (Probably.)


Keep your eyes peeled for this magic tomorrow on all platforms we currently vacate: Our FACEBOOK, our TWITTER and our INSTAGRAMma-jamma!

Until next time, do what you do best and STAYYYY Beautiful!