Things That Make You Say DAYUM!

October 17, 2017

Hola Bitcholas,

There was a story out of the Dominican Republic that involved a topless woman hanging out of the window of a moving car. She was doing a provocative little dance for a video...and it was pretty sexy...right up until her head smashed into a street sign, killing her. Yup. Another story, out of France, where a woman had BOTH of her arms torn off by a train. The good news is that doctors were able to reattach them both.  

Anyway, these two stories, along with a handful of others, inspired today's question: WHAT HAPPENED TO SOMEONE ELSE THAT MADE YOU SAY "DAMN!"?

Things got outta control real quick. For about the first hour of the show it seemed that people mistakenly thought we'd asked, "when did you see severe trauma to someone's testicles". Right out of the gate we had 4 stories in a ROW involving testicles getting ripped open and, on one occasion, getting torn off all together. I puckered my ass through most of this.  A lot of people did. But here's a few more stories shared with us today:

"My mom found a condom in a thing of ranch dressing at a cafeteria."

"Saw a dude wearing headphones get punched in the face and the phones stayed in the air where his head was for what felt like 2 minutes. Damn!"

"My mom had to have her nose stitched back to her face after falling down a flight of stairs and slicing if near clean off on a tin Hi-C can. Her dad was an otolaryngologist (ear, nose and throat doctor) and a surgeon, and also the only nearby qualified person to perform the reattatchment."

"Here is a quick one for you, about 17 years ago me and my friends where playing tackle football on the side of "the friends" house. While playing the sideline is the street and the fence, his younger brother tackled him against the fence and one of the links was broken and sticking up. Due to that the fence effectively ripped his right eye out of his head."

"I saw a stripper poop on a guys lap during a lap dance."

"Well a positive story that happened the same night that the stripper pooped on the guy is that; later that night we were leaving the club and one of the strippers was leaving. She invited me and two of my friends to a party. We walked in and realized there were only 2 other guys there and 10 maybe 15 other strippers all butt naked in a hotel hot tub. Definitely a damn moment. Should've gotten laid but Whiskey D decided to tag along that night." 

That's what I've got today.

Until tomorrow, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!