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May 9, 2016



Today was the day of the Random Question Question.  Spellcheck, by the way, HATES that 'question' follows 'question'.  It underlines the second 'question' every time.  Sorry spell check, it's what we call it. 


The story that really got us today was the story of a 7- year- old girl from Virginia who won a national handwriting award.   Sure, SOMEONE has to win, but what makes her victory all the more incredible is that she has NO HANDS!!!   She was born without hands and, well, it's stayed that way.    Naturally, she decided to enter a hand-writing competition.  And then she won. 


I don't wanna split hairs... but I'm gonna.   Shouldn't she be disqualified?   Not saying that what she did wasn't remarkable, I'm just saying that to win at hard writing, one should have hands?  Don't you agree?  No.  Crap... I'm a d**k.


I'm outta here.


Until tomorrow, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"