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May 10, 2016



Most bartenders aren't comfortable serving pregnant woman multiple drinks.   In New York City bars are now required to serve pregnant women or face charges of discrimination.  Pregnant ladies, get your drink on. 


Doctor in Utah was just sentenced to 8 years in prison.  He'd 'prescribed' over 81,000 Oxycodones over a 2 year period.  Long and short of it, Doc was a drug dealer.


And a guy in Scotland taught his girlfriend's Pug to do the Hitler salute on command.  He did it as a joke, but he also posted the results of his efforts online... and was promptly arrested for a hate crime.   That's just a tad extreme.   Just a wee lil' bit. 


We asked you to fill- in- the- blank:  I KNEW IT WAS BAD BUT I DID ________ ANYWAY!


Here's some answers:


Married his (now ex) wife after dating for 2 weeks


Got into his mom's checkbook and wrote himself about $4000 worth of checks.  He got busted for it and did a year and a half in prison.   And that's when he kicked the heroin habit that led him to steal from his mother


Thought it would be hilarious to get really high and visit a NAVR recruiter.  He signed up that night and did three years


Drinking and shooting... fired a shot gun at a car and took ricochet to the chest.  Then he took himself to a hospital


At age 24, he bought booze for his 16- year- old neighbor girl.  Girl gets drunk and he has sex with her that night.  28 years later they're still together... 24 of those years married


Ate a pound of raw chicken hearts as a stunt at a radio promotion.  Not our radio promotion


Made his friend dog food filled deep fried wontons.  Oddly enough, we talked a lot about the human consumption of dog food and in no instance did anyone think it was THAT bad


Farted during a screening of 'Lord of the Rings'.   Apparently bad enough to clear about half the theatre and inspire some colorful put downs.  Kinda makes me proud


Good times, bitches.  Good times. 


Until tomorrow, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"