Thrills Big Brown Blog 04-19-16

SHOW # 2361

April 19, 2016



A millionaire in England is the proud owner of a Ferrari 458 Spider... a car worth about a half million dollars.  This guy, however, isn't trying to keep all the fun to himself.   He actually rents it out to people for occasions.  A bride and groom rented it for their wedding day.  Then they crashed it.   No one was hurt, but they wrecked the car.   That's gotta be awkward. 


Inspired by the couple's misfortune, we asked:  WHAT DID YOU DESTROY THAT WASN'T YOURS?


 Crashed TWO of his bosses vehicles... in 2 years


His friend threw his mom's brand new automatic into second gear on a freeway.   Car burst into flames and burned completely to the ground


Broke his buddy's snowmobile doing donuts


Broke his friend's new $1500 bong


Shot his friend's exotic deer that he'd kept as a pet


On a dare, his buddy shot out his brother's car out with a shotgun


Rolled boulders down a hill into the lot of a wrecking yard, ruining 12 to 15 cars.  It wasn't a wrecking yard, it was a towing yard


There were plenty more stories like this all day.   Everyone has a story. 


I'm outta here.   Until tomorrow, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"