Thrills Big Brown Blog 04-20-16

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April 20, 2016



A woman painted a naked portrait of Donald Trump.   It's currently on display in a gallery in London.  American galleries refused to take for "security concerns".   As dumb as that might sound (and it is dumb) keep in mind that the artist herself received death threats for having painted the thing in the first place.  I don't get it, but that's the way  the world. 


Meanwhile in France, in a town named Archatron, city leaders have finally solved the problem of people stealing the penis from a statue of Hercules.  Supposedly, thieves constantly steal Herc's willy as soon as it's a replaced.  The statue will now have a detachable penis.   Most of the time, Herc will be dongles, but on 'special occasions or ceremonies' at the adjoining park, his D will be attached.  How very thoughtful.




 Yea, think about that.


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