Thrills Big Brown Blog 04-22-16

SHOW # 2364

April 22, 2016



Drummer Barrett Martin, from Screaming Trees, Mad Season, Walking Papers and most recently Levee Walkers (with Duff Mckagan and Mike McCreedy) came by the studio today.


First, it should be noted that Barrett showed up with a ton of hot dogs and hamburgers.   If you wanna make a good impression on us, bring us food.   We're not different than most animals in that respect. 


Barrett, if you don't know, isn't just a drummer; he also plays stand- up bass, produces music, is a student and a teacher of all things musical and recently went on a trip to the Amazon.  Why?  because he's that kind of guy who does sh*t like that.


Naturally, when you work with hundreds of musicians from around the world and travel the world on the side, you have a lot of stories to tell... and he told plenty. 


The guy is stunningly intelligent and amazingly grounded.   Or as some people would say, he is the exact opposite of me. 


Ah, and we had the opportunity to debut Levee Walkers first single... "Freedom Song"... and it was on VINYL!   As a vinyl fan myself, this pleases me.  More importantly, the song very seriously kicks ass.  Don't know  if it's fully available or in what formats other than vinyl it may be presented, but if you get the chance, get it.


OK bitches, I'm outta here.   Have yourselves a wonderful weekend.


Until Monday, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"