Thrills Big Brown Blog 04-25-16

SHOW # 2365

April 25, 2016



Today was the day we had our Random Question Question.  At some point we talked to a dude named Alexander.   He was a nice enough guy and at some point he indicated that he's a fairly straight- laced guy.   We assumed as much based on the fact that he goes by the full 'Alexander'.


Seems to us that MOST of the time you can get a basic read on a person based on the name/ nickname they choose to represent them.  'Alexander' is gonna be straight- laced, while 'Al' drinks a lot of beer and eats a lot of French fries.  'Alex' not only enjoys sports, he actively plays them.   And then there's Xander.   Oh Xander.   We just can't trust you.  Something about choosing that name makes us hate you.


Then there's Christopher.  I trust a Christopher.   Chris is probably pretty cool, but Topher?!?   Go join Xander in our Hall of Hate.


Edward... probably a 'stick in the mud', as they say, but trustworthy.  Ed... Ed is Al; give him a beer, go to the game and get up early for work.  But Eddie?  Eddie is the guy who smoked meth in your garage while you were taking a phone call.   He also drank your last beer and hit on your wife.


Richard, like Edward, is about as much fun as sitting on a soldering iron.   Rich is a solid guy.  Rick is not- so- solid but he's fun.  Ricky smoked meth with Eddie in your garage. 


Yea, that's right, we judge you by your name.  Well, not your name so much as the name you choose to put out there.  This, of course, is coming from a guy who goes by Thrill, so...


That's all I've got.  


Until tomorrow, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"