Thrills Big Brown Blog 05-04-16

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May 4, 2016



A woman in New Hampshire found a "slimy razor blade" at the bottom of her daughter's soda cup at Wendy's.  The daughter wasn't harmed and there's a plausible explanation, but still.  However, that's not as bad as the woman who's pretty sure there was SEMEN on BOTH of the chicken sandwiches she ordered from KFC.   The police didn't make it clear if she'd taken a bite.  Even if she did (and I hope she didn't) I'd still rather be her than the surgery patient who BURST INTO FLAMES... DURING surgery.  Seems that the doctor and the anesthesiologist didn't clearly communicate what equipment each would be using... and so the oxygen combusted.   The oxygen is connected to the patient's nose, so the fire was ON THEIR FACE, and INSIDE of their chest.  But relax... it happens between 550 and 650 times a year in America alone. 




And here's some of today's answers:


Had an erection during knee surgery.  The doctor's had to tie the thing back.  At least the guy can brag that his d interfered with knee surgery


Busted his leg in 4 places... found out after the fact that they put the bone in upside- down


Found out he ate dog, or "woof- woof beef", as the cook put it


Years after the fact, he found out that his pediatrician was ALSO a pedophile... convenient


Grandmother made him eat Salmon sperm... we don't know why but his grandmother liked salmon sperm.  Without us asking. the caller added that his grandmother thought the idea of giving oral was revolting.  We didn't need to know that, but I have to at least say that eating caviar and giving BJ's aren't that closely related... unless you're into fish


The meat in his grandmother's spaghetti sauce was canned dog food


Disturbing day.


Until tomorrow, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"