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SHOW # 2385

May 25, 2016



We talked to Olympic runner Nick Symmonds.  He's competed in the last two Summer Olympics... Beijing in 2008 and London in 2012.  He's headed to Brazil this year for the Summer games... and possibly for Zika.  The point is, Nick likes to run.  A lot do people do... most people don't.  As a result, we generally reserve running for emergencies.  The bus is pulling away but you're not quite at the stop.  Run.  Cops show up at the scene of the crime... and you're the criminal.  Run.  In ten seconds you will sh*t yourself, but the closest toilet is a 30- second walk.  Run. 


We wanted to know:  WHO, WHY OR WHAT MADE YOU RUN?


Chased a purse snatcher... never caught me though


Machine malfunction at work led to a 1- foot wide steel cable spinning out of control.   It almost destroyed everything on the deck of an oil rig


Got drunk and ran out of gas (thankfully) and ended up having to chase his own car down the road


Chased by a pit bull.   That's all you need to know


Chased by a black bear.   See above.


Tripping on shrooms and started to run from his hallucination of a giant amoeba.   Turns out it was a stampede of horses


Entered the States illegally from Mexico in 1999... once he dropped on American soil he had to haul ass.  Even pooped himself out of fear


There were a few more stories, but you get the idea. 


Until tomorrow, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"