Thrills Big Brown Blog

SHOW # 2386

May 26, 2016



Another Thursday, another exciting edition of Big Dummy. 

No particular excitement from the day other than the fact that we had the youngest caller ever to the show.   A 12- year- old kid called us today and played.  Only took him two questions to get one right.


The question we asked was 'where did Columbus die?'   Do you know?   The 12- year- old knew it was in Spain.   Granted, he probably just learned about this in school... and now, the one and ONLY time that info will be useful. (the picture at the top is of Columbus' tomb taken by our very own Ben The Psycho Muppet)


Otherwise, not much else really happened today.  


OK, I'm outta here, amigos.


Until tomorrow, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"