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May 27, 2016



Bugs, man.   They're out to get us.  Earlier this week we had a story about a woman who had 20,000 bees attached to her car for 2 days.  The working theory is that the queen was somehow stuck in the car, thus, turning it into a hive.  Then today we see a story about a guy in Arizona who was stung over 1000 times by bees.   He died.  Then we see a story about a woman in Alabama who was attacked by and killed by fire ants!  That's just bugs.   Earlier this week we had the story about the guy in Thailand who lifted the lid of his toilet and immediately had his penis attacked by a f**king python!




Blizzard in North Dakota trapped him in a ditch... for 10 hours!  It was -30 degrees with the wind chill


Stung by wasps... THAT'S when he found out he was allergic to wasps


Stung by wasps while kayaking in Florida... bails into the water... where an alligator joined him... he managed to get out, but his camp site was hit by lightning later that night


Playing during recess when he was in second grade... stepped on a bee hive... bees went up his pants and shirt and got to stinging.   Teachers ignored it until he passed out.  Woke up in the hospital


Fell down a hill, landed on a bear.  Awkward


Went fishing... ended up having to outrun a pack of coyotes


Trample by elk... which is probably just karma since he was out hunting elk


 Oh yea, have a good memorial Day weekend.  Truly.  I think mine involves Home Depot, an eye exam and laundry!  Bam!


Until Tuesday, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!!!"