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SHOW # 2390

June 2, 2016



Today was Big Dummy Day and unlike last week, not a lot of big dummies today.  People did pretty well today.  Last week I almost lost faith in humanity, but this week my faith has been redeemed.


Then again, as a result of today's Big Dummy we ended up having a lengthy discussion (no pun intended) about swan penis.   Yea.  See, one of the questions was "which is the only bird that has a fully formed penis?"  The caller guessed a penguin (he reasoned that it would explain why they walk the way they do) but the bird is the swan.  


We were warned not to Google Image 'swan penis', but we didn't listen.  Wish we had.   You just can't unsee these things.   But you're gonna go and Google it anyway, aren't you?   OK.


OK, I'm outta here.


Until tomorrow, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"