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June 3, 2016



In spite of all of the challenges associated with being a parent (the responsibility/ finances/ patience/ focus, etc) and yet any damn body is permitted to do it.  You need a license to sell 25- cent cups of lemonade in your own driveway, but you wanna have a kid, no worries!  This simple truth, along with a multitude of stories, inspired today's question:  WHAT DID YOUR PARENTS DO TO PROVE THAT ANYONE CAN BE A PARENT?


Mother almost burned down the house on three separate occasions, but for the same reason... leaving Tupper Ware on the hot stove top


Mother worked at a mental hospital... started dating one of the PATIENTS... he even moved in with them


His father used to play terrible (and scarring) pranks on he and his brother


Babysitter tried to smother him with a bean bag chair... followed by throwing knives at him.  To the surprise of no one, he's currently in prison


His parents used to walk him on a leash


Peed himself on a ride at Disneyland... his dad was too cheap to buy new pants for him... instead, dad cut a hole in a fanny pack and had him use those as 'pants'


Wore a towel for a sling for three days after breaking his arm in HALF


Both he and his brother were born with meth in their system


Parents handed his brother a machete to PLAY with... naturally, doctors had to reattach four of his fingers


Makes me wonder what my kids will say about me when they reach adulthood?   Maybe I don't wanna know.


The weekend is here, bitches!   The sun is shining and the sky is blue!  Go enjoy it!


Until Monday, do what you do best and STAY BEAUITIFUL!"