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SHOW # 2394

June 8, 2016



We talked about fear today.   A few different stories from the news inspired the question (WHAT ARE YOU AFRAID OF WHAT YOU'RE AFRAID OF?) and there was no shortage of answers.


Clowns, Spiders, rattle snakes, bees, BALLOONS (???), planes, LAUGH TRACKS (seriously), flying, heights and DRAINS!  


It was an interesting array of phobia, from the standards to the ri-f**king-diculous.  


But the highlight of the show (for us, anyway) was our interview with NY Times best selling author Robert Digoni.  Here's a link:


Understand that we didn't know a damn thing about the guy before he got here with the exception of the fact that 'Men's Room Red' was mentioned in one of his books.  Dude was awesome.   Very cool.  Buy his damn books!


OK, I'm outta here.


Until tomorrow, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"