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SHOW # 2402

June 27, 2016



I don't know if you made it to Red Fest or not but if you didn't, shame on you!   Not 'shame', so much as you missed a GOOOOOOD time.  


The weather was perfect, but more importantly, everyone there was cool and got along.


Let me explain why this matters:  when you can get 1000 people together, feed them beer and watch them all get along and celebrate their common interest (Men's Room) it's humbling and satisfying.  It's something we deeply appreciate and pride ourselves on.


Watch the news, read stuff... you'd be led to believe that everyone in the world has a problem with everyone else in the world.   Incorrect.   You are a testament to the fallacy of such thinking.  You came, you saw, you mother**king conquered.  


On a side note, the Fisher House was presented with a check for $576,000!   That's a lot of beer sold, so thank you. 


Until tomorrow, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"