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Pineapple on pizza?

December 8, 2016

Hola bitches, 

Today was "Big Dummy" day, and unlike last week, when we lost faith in humanity's intellect,  THIS week, our faith was restored! Bravo. 


Guy named Brad called. He was not only as far from "intelligent" as Anchorage is from Miami, he was also a complete f**king pr*ck. Sadly, I'm not nearly the only person who thought so. We were getting angry texts and emails about this assh*le but, as is our unspoken mantra, equal time to everyone. Might rethink that after talking to this turd.  

However, aside from learning how sh*tty of a person Brad was, here are a few other nuggets of wisdom we gleaned today: 

None of us know what makes Swedish meatballs Swedish... other than their prevalence at Ikea. 

If it SOUNDS like opera, it's probably opera. 

Polar bears have black skin... #BLM. 

Norway consumes more Mexican food than any other European country... but maybe because the alternative is Rakfisk...a meal made of fermented trout. 

Saturn wears jewelry. 

A shocking number of people like pineapple on their pizza. 

That's what we learned today. 

OK bitches, I'm outta here, but I'm back tomorrow. 

Until then, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!