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May 13, 2016



Does the name sound familiar?  If it does, you might be one of the 100,000 people who had their password hacked.  In case you wanna pretend that you DON'T know what the website is, I'll play along. is a forum for people who whose sexual activities include enlarging large objects (in particular) into their anuses.   Everything from light bulbs to fists... if you like it in the backside, this forum is your people! 


Personally I don't care what you're into, but I also understand that most people who DO enjoy the occasional large object up the wazzu don't go around making that public knowledge.   Thanks to the hack, however, public knowledge is exactly what it'll be.




Found his dad was gay.   Mom got pregnant when they were about 18, dad bolted, tracked him down 11 years later and restored their relationship.  Dad was eventually outted.  Good news is, the son didn't care. 


Grandparents used to grow weed in the basement.  Came as a complete shock


His father worked as a security guard... at a brothel... in Vietnam


One of his bosses got drunk and opened fire on the police


Buddy lost his virginity to his cousin.   Damn, man.


Great grandfather ran an opium den in China for three years


His history teacher was a male stripper.   I don' think I've ever had a teacher, male or female, who ANYONE would wanna see naked


Buddy got drunk, woke up with "a large Mexican man" in bed with him.


Cleaned his buddy's barracks after he left the army.   Found a bunch dildos that he'd left behind




I'm outta here, bitches.  Have a wonderful weekend.


Until Monday, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"