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May 17, 2016



A couple of yahoos visited Yellowstone National Park and spotted a baby bison.   Not understanding "nature" and all the pesky things that go along with it, theses dummies thought that the calf looked "cold and lonely", so they put it in the back of their SUV and drove it to the authorities.   They had to euthanize it after the herd wouldn't accept it back.  


A guy in Oregon was sentenced to 10 years in prison for mortgage fraud.   The day before he was scheduled to report to jail, he had his son shoot him in the leg with a shotgun.   The idea was that his injuries would delay the start of his sentence AND he could collect the insurance money.   Instead, he got an ADDITIONAL 5 years and had to have his foot amputated.  




We hear this answer way too often, but putting Icy Hot on his testicles.   It's a story that never ends well.  In his case, he said the pain started about 30 seconds after application and lasted 30 minutes after


As above, a guy called in with ANOTHER universally bad idea; he ate a ghost pepper


We continue with the bad ideas.. woman put her tongue on frozen metal.  You know how that ends


Bit into a microwaved hard- boiled- egg... it exploded in her mouth and provided her with second degree burns to the upper lip


Branded himself with his brass knuckles that read 'LOVE'.  Unfortunately, none of the letters looked like letters on his skin so it just looks like a series of red blotches.  Sexy


And the day just kinda continued along those lines.



I'm outta here to pursue my own bad ideas.


Until tomorrow, do what you do best and a STAY BEAUTIFUL!"