Thrill's Big Brown Blog APRIL 12 2016

SHOW # 2356

April 12, 2016



Today has been a fine day.   The weather sucks, but what can you do?  However, the thing I hate most happened... I got the hiccups.


Here's the thing about my hiccups; unlike normal people, my hiccups come with a hereditary downside.  My father and I get these things and they'll last for days.   That's the first part that sucks.


Worse, they occur every 7 seconds.   It's f**king clockwork.    And it's annoying as all hell.  It's MORE annoying when you host a talk show.   It's a pain the ass talking 'around' the hiccups.   I had to keep pausing today so I kinda sounded like William Shatner all day.


Anyway, this sh*t has been going on for hours now and it just sucks.  Driving me crazy.


That's all I got.


Until tomorrow, do what you do best."