Thrill's Big Brown Blog is Back!

December 7, 2016


Man, oh man, it's been a looooooong time since I last typed a blog, but that's mostly because I'm lazy. Make no mistake, I've had the boss on me about and now the producer is on me... because the boss got on HER...meaning, essentially, I'm just causing problems for pretty much everyone around me. I kinda excel at that. 

That said, I asked, "Do people REALLY read my blog?" Apparently you sumbitches do!  So, thank you for that!     

Alright then, here's where my mind was today... and it's a dumb place, but before the show we were talking about the terms 'camel toe', 'moose knuckles' and 'buffalo gums', as a reference to, well, you know. It occurred to us that, basically, if take an animal and then one anatomical part, you too, can create a wholly offensive euphemism... and I'm looking for suggestions. 

So far I've come up with 'sloth toes', 'possum cheeks', flamingo toes' and 'pig ankles'.   

These are the kind of things that cross and stay on my mind. It's how I make my parents proud. 

Anyway, create your own and let me know. 

I'm outta here until tomorrow. Seriously, I'll be back tomorrow. 

Until then, do what you do best (whatever that might be) and STAY BEAUTIFUL!