Thrill's Big Brown Blog Caught You in a Lie

May 9, 2017


Anyone recognize the name Marwan Barghouti? No? Well, he's the leader of a mass Palestinian hunger strike in an Israeli prison. He's been doing 'the Gandhi' for about three weeks except that he was recorded on camera EATING! Uh-huh. Tried to pull a fast one on everyone.

That's alright, a strip club in NYC (Penthouse Executive Club...if you care) tried to get out of paying over 3 million dollars in claiming the strippers are "therapist". Your penis might agree, but the tax commission didn't and the club has to pay the $$$.

And New York Mets pitcher, Matt Harvey got himself into a wee spot of trouble after 'calling out' of a game because of a bad migraine headache. Part of the issue was that he had played golf earlier that same day...and his headache was seemingly the result of his voracious alcohol consumption until 4am that morning.

Inspired by these stories we asked WHO DID YOU CATCH IN A RIDICULOUS LIE?

The guy that comes to mind for me was this guy (who shall remain nameless...because we like this dude) that we used to work with at a station in Baltimore.

Everything about just screamed that he smoked weed...except he himself. He vehemently denied this for YEARS. Then he met us at a bar one night and while he was chatting about whatever we discovered a bright green, super sticky, delicious little nugget of weed...STUCK IN HIS HAIR!

He finally admitted that maybe he smokes weed.

This same guy denied that he ever had sex with any of the woman who used to work our "Bod Squad" (think of the "Rock Girls"). He was pretty adamant about it. Fast forward about 5 years and one of these Bod Squaders was the centerfold in Penthouse magazine. She was talking about her craziest sexual experience and it involved our guy. Yup. 

That cheeky little monkey. Smoking weed and f**king the help. I like it.

I'm outta here.

Until tomorrow, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!