Thrill's Big Brown Blog Does Origin Stories

February 2, 2017


Today was "Big Dummy" day! Understand that we love playing "Big Dummy" of our collective favorite things. But that got me thinking back to when we first started playing it.

We know that people aren't fond of change, but when we first started playing it, people were PISSED! People wanted us to stick with the 'Question of the Day'...and we got it, but we wanted to try it out. Here we are in the present "Big Dummy" is easily one of our most popular segments.  

And we created it because I used to host trivia at a bar (for a free bar tab!) and after a few years I had a massive stack of trivia questions. What could we do with it?   "Big Dummy!"

The history of "Ted vs the FCC" was slightly less noble. Miles and I were barhopping and getting absolutely sh*tfaced. Miles suggested that we do dirty tongue twisters without ACTUALLY saying anything bad. We thought it was funny. Again, we were hammered, but we still found it funny the next day through the haze of our hangover.

"Profile This" was the direct result of me being disgusted. I was researching stuff for work one day and came across the story of a black woman who robbed a hair salon at GUN POINT! She didn't steal any money...just weaves! I remember thinking, "only a black chick would steal hair at gunpoint". Thus, the inspiration for "Profile This".

"Who Sucks Less" was just the result of reading sh*tty stories about sh*tty people doing sh*tty things. Generally speaking, we avoid that kinda stuff (because it's just not fun) but as a way to occasionally address the world's bullsh*t, we came up with "Who Sucks Less". Plus it's fun to hear someone 'defend' a scum bag.

"No Sh*t, Sherlock" is pretty self explanatory...although it refers more to how news media chooses to phrase things. I'm always of the opinion that to get me to read stuff, tell me something I DON'T know.

And "Bad Joke Friday"...that's YOUR fault! Early on, people kept calling on Fridays and telling horrible we gave you a segment!

OK, there's a quick rundown of why we do some of the stuff we do. 

I'm outta here, bitches.

Until tomorrow, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!