Thrill's Big Brown Blog Does Weed Week

April 18, 2017


Long-time-no-see. I don't actually know if that's true but (1) if feels that way and (2) I'm too lazy to find out if it's let's just pretend.

It's "Weed Week", the finest week there is in radio...if you work on this show. 

If you don't know, "Weed Week" is a week of shows where one of us is really, REALLY high and still attempts to just do the show as usual. The idea is that you, the sexy listener, would vote for who YOU think was stoned. That's it. It's not sophisticated, but it's fun...for us.

Yesterday, I was stoned. And not 'kinda' stoned, but mother**king atmospherically high. And I get high plenty, but yesterday, in addition to smoking, I had an edible.

The edible was some blackberry/oatmeal thing (delicious!!!) and it was 100 mg's. I didn't know that. I could have looked (as it was clearly labeled), but I thought it would be more fun to just dive in. This proved to be ill-advised.

Robin was first to let me know that the thing I ate wasn't intended to be a single serving. Didn't realize that...until about half way through the show. My world went sideways. It was insane. 

Like I said, I'm a smoker, but rarely do edibles...and when I DO do edibles, it's not with an audience. After yesterday's show, that's probably for the best.

In spite of that, most people thought Miles was the stoned one.

Today, Mike Hawk was the stoned one. He handled it pretty well, but some people suspected he might be high based on the callers he let through. True.

OK, I'm outta here, bitches.

Until tomorrow, do what you best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!