Thrill's Big Brown Blog Does What It Wants

April 8, 2017


It's Friday. Congrats on another work week. Actually, I rather enjoy my work. Truly. Love doing what we do.  

Well, the 'on-air' part. There are a few things behind the scenes that just plain suck, but that's true of all jobs. And really, even the 'behind- the- scenes' crap we have to do isn't all that bad...I just hate doing ANYTHING I don't wanna do. It's why I'm 48 years old and STILL won't even entertain the idea of eating a vegetable. I will take the time to remove the peas from my Cup Of Noodles.  

Yeah, I'm like that. If I like what I'm doing, I'm laser focused and fully committed...if not, I mumble obscenities and offensive insults under my breath. Very cathartic.  Hate vegetables, love cursing.

An example of things I like to scream: "F**K lettuce!!!" That felt good. Try it. Yeah, that's right, f**k you lettuce. Stay off my sandwich!

Ah, so this particular week I've pretty much ignored the side work that I don't like to busy myself with side work that no one has actually asked me do. And that's the kinda side work I like. Tell you more about this nonsense on Monday. Maybe.

Poor Robin has been assisting me with this and I might be driving her crazy. I'm one of those people who will have an idea, get excited about it...and then ad a million other ideas on top of it. So it is with this project. 

I know I'm being vague, and I would apologize, but I'm not really feeling the apologetic vibe. 

OK, go enjoy your weekend, bitches!

Until Monday, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!