Thrill's Big Brown Blog Is Enjoying Weed Week

April 20, 2017


What's crack-a-lackin'? It's Day Four of "Weed Week" here in the Men's Room. 

"Weed Week", of course, is the week that the show selects one member to get 'really, REALLY high' and then, well, do the show. Your job (sorry your job pay's so non-existent...take it up with HR)...your job was to see if you could figure it who. Stunningly stupid, but a lot of fun. 

Regarding your 'low paying job', it was real easy yesterday. Ted was the high one and he got higher than I think any of us expected. So high, that you guys figured it out about 30 seconds into the show.  Seriously. He may have been worse than I was Monday.

​However, yesterday we added a "twist". On yesterday's show there were TWO high members of the show. We tried to sell the "twist" as a "twist" though we were doing YOU favor. Truth is, it was just an excuse for someone else to get high because why not? Most people seemed to think the other high person was me, but, alas, it was Miles.

Aw sh*t! Sorry. Forgot about the blog, man. I got high today. Now you know!

Until tomorrow, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!