Thrill's Big Brown Blog is Feelin' Lucky

January 13, 2017


There's a guitarist named Tommy Allsup and just died at the age of 85. Who is he? Well, he's the guy who LOST the coin flip that kept him OFF of the plane that crashed Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and the Big Bopper. He got lucky. He didn't think so at first, I'm sure, but he figured it out real quick. 

Speaking of luck, a 70- year- old guy in Michigan slipped on some ice, broke his neck and spent the next 20 hours laying in his pajamas in 20- degree temperatures. He probably should have frozen to death...and would have...if not for his trusty dog, who laid on top of him to keep him warm...the whole time. Saved his life. Again, he got 'lucky'.


Now, I'm not trying to be "that" guy, but I think people have a different view of "luck" than I do. I mean, sure, Tommy Allsup got lucky (well, until he died), but the old man in Michigan? No, he didn't die, and yes, his dog kept him warm...but he ALSO broke his neck on the ice! And laid in the cold for 20 Goddamn hours!

My point is, in many, many instances, people believe that their "lucky" moment happened right after a catastrophically BAD bout of luck.

Passengers on the plane that Sully landed in the Hudson widely consider themselves "lucky". All I can ever think is, "you were on a f*cking plane that f*cking crashed! You just didn't DIE! How are you lucky?"  

I've flown a thousands times, and I prefer my typically UNLUCKY flights that take off and land without incident. 

Miles asked me if I felt lucky that the one time I skydived, I was jumping tandem with the guy. See, the primary chute didn't open, we had to make some adjustments as we're falling, and, finally, the secondary shoot deployed. I didn't feel 'lucky' (because the damn chute didn't open the one and only time I jumped) nor did I feel like the guy saved my life...I think he saved HIS life and I just happened to be hooked to him.

That's my take.  

Alright bitches, that taste in your mouth is the weekend. The taste in MY mouth is stale let's go enjoy both!

Until Monday, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!