Thrill's Big Brown Blog Gets Weird with You

January 27, 2017


Bryant Gumbel, the emotionless robot we know from "The Today Show" and "Real Time with Bryant Gumbel", is ALSO the owner of three unreleased Prince songs. Apparently, Prince wrote three different prospective theme songs for some show Bryant was on in late 1990's. He never used them, but now he owns them.  

For the first time EVER, Bryant Gumbel inspired us to do something other than yawn...he inspired today's question: "WHAT STRANGE THING DO YOU OWN...AND WHY?"

I'll share what they own, you figure out why? 

A tactical spork...a tactical one.

His grandfather owns his dead, stuffed Golden Retriever. Should point out that one of the dogs puppies still lives in the same its dead, stuffed mother.

A pickled human hand...supposed to bring good luck. To whom, exactly?

Owns a bridge in Kentucky with a few friends.

A coffin...explained that for $15 he just couldn't pass it up  (???)

(THEN things got weird): An antique baby casket from the 1800' their living room (date at your own risk).

A pair of kangaroo a bottle opener. (you read that right)

Petrified animal dung.

(...and finally, the raccoon penis cometh):

Owns a raccoon penis (which would be a lot more comforting if we'd heard this from a male raccoon).

A raccoon penis...toothpick. Seriously. 

I'll let you ponder that for the weekend. No need to thank me. You're welcome. 

Bitches, enjoy the weekend. 

Until Monday, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!