Thrill's Big Brown Blog Has a Failure to Communicate

March 13, 2017


Happy Monday.  

So, there's a mini-mart in Miles' neck of the woods that sells all of the essentials; smokes, beer, condoms and maybe milk or some shi*t. Anyway, both owners of the place immigrated to the states years ago, but one of them speaks better English than the other.

The owner with the more minimal communication skills was working one night when a customer walked in and asked for "Men's Room".

Owner:  "We have no bathroom for customer!"

Customer:  "No, Men's Room, as in the BEER."

Owner:  "No bathroom for CUSTOMER!!!"

Customer:  "No man, the BEER. Men's Room BEEEEEEER!"

At this point, the owner grabs a baton from behind the counter and holds it like he's gonna start busting skulls. 

The customer has to run...but instead of running OUT of the place, he runs to the beer cooler and grabs himself a frosty 6-pack of Men's Room Original Red.

Owner:  "Ohhhhhhh!  Men's Room BEER! I'll ring you up."

True story.

That's all I've got today.

Until tomorrow, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!